Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fan Art (God help me)

I never thought I'd ever do any kind of 'fan art'. But ... the basic concept for this came to me a couple of weeks ago, in a dream shortly before I woke up (which is probably how I managed to remember it). I'd been listening to Author & Punisher the evening before. In the dream, there was a band composed of an AI, an Angel, and Tristan Shone. Go figure. Actually, if you've ever watched any of Mr. Shone's videos, it's not hard to see how he could fit into a science-fictional band. He'll never be Top 40, but he's one of the few people in music today who are doing anything original.

And "originality" has been a big bugaboo of mine of late. It's hard to be original. Especially with the Internet to help me see just how many thousands of people had the same great idea that I had. Which, honestly, is why I spent some time working on this. I don't exactly know what it is - but I know that there's not really much else out there like it.

I've been a big fan of Paul Lafolley for a long time, so I tried to make this something in the spirit of what he does. I hope I've succeeded a tiny bit. There's a reference to one of Orson Scott Card's better short stories, plus some George R. R. Martin and Rush and Frank Zappa and even The Simpsons, plus some other stuff that's fairly obscure.

This is still a Work In Progress. The band name needs work. Like, a better name, perhaps? And also an actual logo. I recently read and enjoyed Ian Tregillis' Something More Than Night, so I might go with "METATRON". No, that's not a Transformer.

I'd also like to bury even more references into it. Not sure how, but I'm working on it by sleeping a lot. Har! Hmm. Perhaps something from Alf ... ? If I do, I'll never admit it.

There's also a Black & White version.