Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Joys of Parenthood (and MIDI)

One of the fun things about being a parent is that, on occasion, your child will become interested in a topic that you yourself love. I've been especially lucky in this respect: my daughter loves spicy food, my son is becoming a talented guitarist, and other things.

But the other day Number One Daughter has decided she's going to build an alternative music instrument controller as a science project. I won't / can't go into any details, but I've been a nut about synthesizers and such since I was 11yo, and I spent a lot of time in graduate school tinkering around with digital electronics, so it is with the utmost restraint that I'm keeping myself from being an obnoxious parent and taking over the project. I'm only providing support, advice, and (of course) $$$ to finance the effort. And, of course, the benefit of my vast experience. But as a dad, the kids both get that all the time. Not that they listen ... but I digress.

And so I placed an order last night and in a few days we'll be discovering the wonderful world of the Arduino. I'm jazzed. Cool stuff like this simply did not exist when I was a kid. I'm soooo excited (and so proud) about this. And I'm hoping that Number One Son will get involved, as well.

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