Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Glee / Tool

So I'm sitting here watching Glee (not because I really want to) and, for an episode that's supposed to be on an anti-alcohol theme, so far they've sung "One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer" and Pat Travers' "Snortin' Whiskey, Drinkin' Cocaine" ... okay, I'm lying about that last one. But it would have been awesome. Actually -- I think the writers maybe had some trouble finding a reasonable "alcohol is bad" song -- God knows I'm having a difficult time thinking of one myself except for Tool's "Sober" ... be still my heart, would the Glee gang cover Maynard and the gang? Oh please please please please yes!!!!

Naw, it'll never happen. But it's fun to think it might.

[Update: for some reason Comments don't seem to be working right. That said, I've had someone point out that Pink's "Sober" and Mike Cross's "I Don't Need Another Hit" are songs with "booze is bad" messages. Frank Zappa's "Cozmik Debris" is another (and, like the Tool song, it's another one I'd love to hear the Glee kids attack, but it'll never ever happen), and Googling about I guess there's an entire musical genre called "straight edge" that promotes a no drugs / no alcohol lifestyle. Here's a Yahoo Answers page that goes deep into it.

I guess I was not surprised to read that last night's episode of Glee was not well-received by a number of viewers -- the consensus being that showing the main characters using alcohol with no dire consequences is "against the rules". As near as I can tell, they thought the show needed to end with everyone tearfully singing at a funeral. I guess at one time it really was against the rules, back when the Reagans started their "Just Say No" program and (so the stoary goes) Hollywood and television were given strict 'guidelines' about how drug abuse must always be portrayed in a negative light, etc. Strange that today it's "edgy" to do a show that tries to portray the less-than-lethal aftereffects of (moderately responsible) alcohol consumption.

Personally, I don't drink -- which oddly enough seems to make many people think I'm an alcoholic. Go figure]

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