Saturday, December 1, 2012

Full "Possessed By Evil" Mode

This weekend, for no especially good reason, I was reading the IMDB Parents Guide to the movie Crossroads -- the one with Ralph "Karate Kid" Macchio and Joe Seneca, not that ... thing ... with Britney Spears -- and was surprised to find that the movie had been rated R in the USA. This is a movie with no violence, no drugs, no nudity, less sexual innuendo than you'll find in any random primetime sitcom, and exactly two "F-bombs" -- even in 1986, I can't see how it got more than a PG rating.

Except maybe for this:

Under "Frightening / Intense Scenes": "Steve Vai playing guitar in full 'possessed by evil' mode ... likely to be too much for real young kids."

Hmmmm ... maybe so. As the 'face' of Evil Blues / Rock'n'Roll "Debbil Music", Vai is amazingly effective.

"Jack Butler's gonna like you."

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