Thursday, January 3, 2013

Looking Into The Future!

I think we all know that sometimes the trailer is better than the actual movie. Still, I find myself suckered in again and again. 2013 will be no different; below are trailers for a number of movies that - based on their trailer - look "interesting":

Oblivion - The SFX look really cool.

Elysium - More big-budget Science Fiction. Yay!

World War Z - The trailer makes this look damned amazing. Also: Brad Pitt.

Carrie - No, we don't need *another* remake of Carrie. But - I really like Chloe Moretz.

Dark Skies - Looks like Close Encounters meets Poltergeist.

Star Trek: Into Darkness - Rumor is it's Kirk vs Kahn. Did my pants just get tighter?

Europa Report - More Science Fiction!

John Dies At The End - Looks like they're trying to out-Dick Philip K. Dick.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone - I feel that this could be very funny.

Pacific Rim - Big Budget SFX applied to Japanese Godzilla films. Also: Guillermo del Toro.

Now You See Me - Looks like a fun caper. Also: Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson together again!

Warm Bodies - I'm a sucker for a good zombie comedy.

Upstream Color - I have no idea what this is about but it's from the guy who did Primer so it's probably pretty good.

The Collection - I'm not proud of this one.

The Host - I'm not proud of this one, either, but my kids tell me it's *way* better than those Twilight books.

The ABCs Of Death - Sick, I know, but also it looks like it could be solidly entertaining.

The Mulbury Project - You had me at those flying spider drones.

This Is The End - It looks whacky. Hopefully there's not too much Seth Rogan.

Insectula! - I loves me some good camp.

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